Tech Tips

Tech Tips

Do you hate waiting on hold to speak to a live person? When given the option to receive a call back without losing your place in the queue, do you wonder if this actually works? How do you know the call is not coming from a scammer who has spoofed the number?  Here is a tip... when you are asked to record your name, include a random word and indicate the caller will need it.  ("John Smith return code word peppermint") When your call is returned, ask what the return call code word is.  If they can't tell you, hang up. Never reuse this word and do not use the security codes or words you have on file.

I love Reddit, but I hate their app and website. Use the Apollo app for a much better ad-free experience. Easy to customize your feed and lots of useful options.  It was built by a former Apple employee. He knows his stuff!

Pocket - Oh how I love you.  Pocket is an app that allows you to save articles to read later then you can access it on any device for offline reading at your convenience.  Frugal rats with no or limited cellular data can just open the app and start reading.  Great for when you are in a waiting room or when King Rat visits Harbor Freight and Queen Rat is killing time in the car.  Pocket will send daily recommended articles based on what you have saved and their recommendations are spot on!

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