Friday, February 18, 2022

And Then God Laughs

Back to the adage, “The more you plan, the harder God laughs.” 

Our plan for February was to apply for our visas with the goal to arrive in France April 1. God, “Hahahaha…”

France decided to close the Washington D.C. Consulate for most of February to perform technical upgrades - whatever that means. So, no applications are being accepted for now.

You know, it turns out this was for the best. We still had so much to do to wrap up from our sale and move. Years of documents to scan, encrypt and upload. Piles of SD cards, USB sticks and hard drives to destroy. Sleep deficits to restore and weak bodies to replenish. 

Our friend L, cleared the way for us to stay at the beach for another month. Such a blessing and we give thanks for her multiple times a day.

Decades ago, we followed the writings and teachings of Leo Buscaglia. Leo prescribed frequent “hug breaks” as a requirement of daily life. We embraced his teachings whole-heartedly throughout our marriage and we took daily hug breaks no matter the location or hour. The connection formed by these breaks is one of our greatest strengths as a couple.

The last few months, our frenzied life became sorely lacking in hug breaks and it showed. We each had so many tasks to complete and worries to attend, that life became a forced march (or sprint at times). We found a frazzled doll head washed up on the beach and laughed that it was a physical representation of our psyches. (Picture above.)

Just yesterday, we awoke for the first time since September without a thing to do, or a worry to perseverate on. What an unfamiliar, yet glorious feeling. We looked at each other and truly saw each other again. I really and truly love this guy and I know he feels the same about me. Hug breaks have returned and feel as natural and comforting as always. 

Making breakfast? Hug break.

Running to the store? Hug break.

Walking past each other in the house? Hug break.

At day’s end we took a leisurely walk, hand-in-hand on the beach at sunset. Hug break.

Okay, God…keep laughing. It’s all good.

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  1. And then Gary and Carol laughed, Hahahahaha. Thanks for this life lesson and the all important hug breaks. We'll follow-up with you more via emails. We're still hoping for Angers in June!