Friday, April 15, 2022

Joyeuses Pâques or Happy Easter

Over the past few weeks, life has been like a bunny, hopping up and down and alternately leaving a poop or an egg, but isn’t that life?

We received our visas super fast and with no problems, but now the upcoming French election could disrupt our long-term plans. 

Mom’s house had some surprise plumbing problems, but we found a phenomenal plumbing company who was reasonable and professional. (Shout out to Ward Plumbing and Heating!)

We bought our plane tickets to France. What cost $800 from Oregon, now costs $2600 from the east coast - one way, but we got a tax refund, refigured by Oregon that covers it! (Shout out to Oregon Department of Revenue for finding the TurboTax error and correcting it!)

There are no airport shuttles or one-way car rentals from BuFu North Carolina, but the local car rental agency made an exception for us so that we could have a one-way rental. (Shout out to Enterprise for helping us out!)

We opened an HSBC account with plans to use their French banks, they took our money and immediately locked our account access, but our local bank was able to file fraud charges against them and reverse the transfer and recoup our funds one month later. Yay local bank!

HSBC still would not close our accounts, nor give us access, but yesterday…almost two months to the day, we received an interest check for $0.01 that will finally close our account. HSBC absolutely sucks.

I need a medical procedure, a local surgeon will do it Thursday, even though their schedule was full through June, and insurance will cover it!

We still are not eating in restaurants. Recently, we ordered takeout and opened the styrofoam (boo) box and found hush puppies (yay)! We had forgotten all about hush puppies! They were so crispy and chewy and savory-sweet. Yum. (Shout out to Captain D’s!)

The dirt here is full of mica and when the sun shines, the dirt sparkles. It is very pretty and crow-like people such as myself are made happy by sparkly things. 

We are studying our French and came across this video in which David Sedaris shares his experience in French class as he tries to explain our Easter and then learns about French Easter. Enjoy!

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