Friday, May 13, 2022

Click, Click, Click…

Which way is up?

The calm of being settled in one place for two months is being replaced with a sense of excitement and fear. It is like the slow click, click, click of the car reaching the top of the rollercoaster, where it then stalls for a moment and there is a simultaneous sense of doubt, panic, and anticipation for the approaching plummet, knowing all the while, you chose this ride and when it is over you will be glad you embarked.

There are many mixed emotions at this point. We are very excited about this new chapter in our book of life. North Carolina is not our state of choice, but my mother is here. I will always look back fondly on this time and I am so thankful we had two months with her. We have completed many projects around the house and hopefully things are good for a few years. 

Mom lives in a hollow (a small valley surrounded by hills - aka “holler” if you are deep southern). This hollow is surrounded by trees and birds. We are going to miss the birdsong tremendously. Here is a link to a short video we took on one of our morning runs. The mist on the river and the birds singing was a reward for getting up early to trot. We will miss this running path which has brought many gifts of nature: turtles, hawks, mating butterflies and birds (not interspecies, just to clarify) groundhogs and more. 

Last night, after dining on the screen porch, the cool breeze arrived to wash away the day’s heat. We all sat in the dusky light reminiscing.  We were treated to particularly vibrant lightning bugs (fireflies) which added a sparkle to the trees, while bunnies scampered through the grass. It was a very special evening.

Today begins the final approach to the summit of the rollercoaster. Everything on the checklist has been completed. Two bags have been shipped and the remaining two are ready for flight. In a few hours we will  begin the pause at the top. My heart is racing, my head is spinning…off we go!

Tech Tip: Download the Merlin Bird App from Cornell University to identify birds in your area by their songs. It is free, and it is awesome!

Another link to the video:


  1. One of the best uses of the rollercoaster analogy I've read. Great post. Love the stroll along the misty river. The bird songs rival our hood for sure. You guys have totally got this, very excited!!!

  2. I'm so excited for you both! You're beginning a new chapter in your lives, and I predict you will be on several more roller coaster rides as you learn to navigate your new lives in France. But if anyone can do it, it's the two of you. Enjoy every minute!

  3. Your description of the sun room brought back memories 🥰