Saturday, January 21, 2017

Early Retirement - Here We Come!

Eww rats.  I don't like rats.

Why would you use rats for your blog's theme?

It's all about the rat race.  For years, we were on the road with all the other rats, trying to reach that blessed exit ramp to Retirement.  There have been many detours along the way.  We have experienced recesssions, reductions in force, downsizing, self-imposed sabbaticals for cross-country moves, and other potential barriers to retirement, but we kept our eyes on the destination.

It has been a long, glorious journey.  We mapped out the travel plan over 30 years ago.  We opted for a smaller cage and furnished it with love.  The great thing about love is that you never have to remodel it, just take good care of it and it will last a lifetime.

We knew that we would never win the rat race, so the goal was not to win, but to reach the desired exit ramp at age 55.  Once exited, we could begin to wander the back roads of life without any destination or due date in mind.  We haven't done without the things that bring us joy.  The only thing we have missed is time together.

So, this week these two rats will take Exit 55 to Retirement.

Let the real journey begin.


  1. I can't wait to see where Exit 55 is going to take you!

    1. Thanks, Sean! Me too!

      We went for a run after work today to try and burn off some nerves. It's a real roller coaster of wow this is exciting, and oh my gosh what have we done?

      I just got an email sale for flights to Oakland for $66 and I thought, wow, we can go in the middle of the week!