Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Birds Do It...

How do retired rats spend their afternoons?

Running!  (Not what you expected, huh?) Just wait, I'll explain.

Have you ever wondered what parks are like in the afternoon when folks are at work? We have. Oh how I hate fighting traffic, crowds, unleashed dogs on running trails, and smokers.  They are all at the park after work.  So when we worked, we bucked up and dealt with it. No more.

Minto Brown Park at 2:00 on a Wednesday afternoon is absolutely glorious. Six cars in the parking lot. Basically empty.  Granted 39 degrees with snow on the horizon, not typical.  We didn't know what we would find. You know what we found?

Hundreds of robins.  On the ground. Ahem, preparing for spring.  Yes, birds do it.  Wow, do they ever.  We felt like we were intruding. Tweet..can we get some privacy? It's the middle of the day. Why aren't you at work?..Tweet.

At the pond were flocks of great blue herons, the likes we haven't seen since a park in Istanbul. They weren't frisking out like the robins, but they didn't exude an air of welcome.  We gave them their privacy.

This retirement thing is really great so far.  (Day 3) We'll keep you posted.

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