Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sad to Leave

 After much deliberation at the Delta counter this morning, I was finally permitted to fly. I was chastised for not having my maiden name in any ID…like any of that was my choice! Something, something patriarchy.

We were advised to arrive four hours before the flight and that didn’t leave much wiggle room! The terminal has some choke points in the flow, but it is mostly empty. I dread the days of crowded travel yet long for the freedom and openness of Covid-free life.

The TSA agent was puzzled as to my lack of a belt. (?) I explained that thanks to pastries, I didn’t need one. Ahh, he laughed and waved me on.

Here at the gate, we begin our readjustment to American life. The voices are louder and people are more gregarious. 

Some final photos as we prepare for our flight to Seattle. 

Truth in advertising? I don’t think I would trust “Adequate “ condoms.
A plant wall in the terminal.
The down arrow indicates straight ahead. It took us a while to learn that. Many unnecessary trips down stairs and escalators!!
Excited to see planes.

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