Thursday, April 2, 2020

Creatures of Habit

Image: Engin_Akyurt Pixabay
Rats are creatures of habit. Whether in the wild or as pets, they have patterns of behavior. Grooming, cleaning the nest, foraging for food, exercise and sleep are regular parts of a rat’s day. They are industrious and curious.

Routines can become repetitious and boring over time.  Sleeping in, eating comfort food, lurking on social media, and binge-watching shows can be a treat on occasion, but it can quickly become a mind-numbing, depression-inducing cycle that none of us needs at the moment. In times of uncertainty and stress, routines bring a sense of order, comfort and familiarity. Being productive can help bring a sense of control and accomplishment that can lift spirits and help speed the passage of time.

Finding ways to entertain ourselves productively can give us that much needed lift to our spirits. Develop your sense of curiosity. Learn something new. Here are some terrific sources to get you started:

Learn to clean with “The Fly Lady

Yoga With Adriene - Free classes - Her lessons suit folks of all abilities and you get to spend time with her dog, Benji.

Overdid it in the garden or working out? Bob and Brad are physical therapists with videos to help heal most injuries. Free!

Internet Archive - free ebooks, movies, etc.
Project Gutenberg - more free ebooks 
Cloud Library - more free ebooks
International Children’s Library - free books in many different languages

Organize your photo libraries. 

Learn to play the guitar : 4 Chords iOS app or Android Justin Guitar Beginner Lessons

Learn a foreign language with DuoLingo

Learn How to Cook Without Recipes -  Chef Todd Mohr’s “Cooking Coarse” is a great place to start and he is a fantastic teacher. Click VIDEOS and sort by OLDEST FIRST.

Become an artist: The Art Sherpa has hundreds of painting classes that are similar to the “Paint and Sip” classes found in many cities.

Hone your tech skills for work with Lynda. High quality instructional videos, many free with a library card.

There is so much available online. The only limit is your imagination.

Create a schedule. Block out time for sleep, exercise, creativity, chores, streaming, and social media. Get up. Get dressed. Get outside for a block of safe space time each day. Don’t get to the end of the day, week, month and think, “Rats, I wasted all that time.” A rat’s life is too short to waste. So is ours. 

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