Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Looking a Little Ratty?

Image by fashionate from Pixabay 
Rats are fastidious groomers. In fact, they often groom more frequently than cats. They will often groom other rats. Rats have even been known to set hairstyle trends. Do you remember the rattail hairstyle trend in the 80s? It was a short haircut, but at the nape of the neck, a tail was left. Some were very skinny, some were fat and they came in different lengths.

In these “Stay at home, stay safe” times, many of us are missing our groomers. We are beginning
to look unkempt. Some of us are sporting stripes at our roots that are reminiscent of skunks as we begin to show our true colors. Others are resorting to experimental home haircuts with varying degrees of success.

There are plenty of YouTube videos teaching how to cut our own hair, and some stylists are offering virtual haircuts in which they guide the individual viewer through their own hair cut. The process seems fairly plausible until we have to cut the back, then all bets are off.

Before the rattail, the mullet was popular. It was a shorter front hairstyle with hair left longer in back. Remember the phrase, “Business in the front, party in the back?” I propose we bring back the mullet as a symbol of solidarity during this pandemic. We can follow our virtual hair stylist instructors for the front of our hair, but let the back go wild. When we re-emerge from isolation, those of us who self-isolated to flatten the curve can wear our mullets with pride. “FaceTime business in the front, party alone in the back.”  Rock on!

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