Thursday, November 11, 2021


 I may have been a bit too hard on La Rochelle. We were able to take very long coastal and park walks in different directions and we really enjoyed that. 

If one lived in a location not near the old center, it would be okay. It just wasn’t our cup of tea.

Our Airbnb hostess came to the rescue when the French cellphone company threatened to cut our services for lack of identification (which the guy in Paris already handled). Valérie was able to navigate the phone tree and she got through to client services and updated everything. She is our hero!!

We are now in Bretagne, or Brittany as the English call it, or Brittney as autocorrect changes it every single time. The weather is slightly cooler here and the terrain is even more like Oregon.

We are staying in Vannes in an attic apartment on old town. Yesterday we took the train to Quimper (pronounced compare). Our gîte hostess in Tours recommended it and she was so right. It felt like an old British country village with half-timbered buildings and a waterside path that stretched for miles.

It was 11/11, Remembrance Day, so most things were closed and there weren’t many people. We are headed back there again today to explore housing options and to see what it is like on a regular non-holiday.

Quimper kitty. A sign?? 



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